Advantages of Offshoring at PropertyPEFORMAX

Generally, process-oriented tasks may not be considered desirable in wealthy countries but are willingly accepted in countries where much of the population lies in poverty. As wage rates are also considerably less, offshoring enables businesses to complete tasks at a only a fraction of the cost.

PropertyPERFORMAX’s business model is to utilize ‘offshoring’ in support of back-office activities for global property companies. Such tasks as lease administration, lease abstraction and call center activities have a lower cost basis and we are able to pass the savings to our clients. Our lower cost platform also enables us to implement multiple checks-and-balances enabling a higherquality output than would be cost-effective in developed countries.

Geographic regions tend to have areas of specialization: China specializes in ‘offshore production’ of consumer goods; India’s offshore capabilities historically evolved from analytics and software production, and the Slovak Republic is known for its European language capability. Our report The Changing Landscape of the Global BPO Industry helps companies to identify the best areas of the world to perform specialized services.

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