Cost-Effective Solutions for the Property Industry

PropertyPERFORMAX’s business model is to utilize an integrated service platform in support of back-office activities for global property companies.  Such tasks as lease administration, lease abstraction and call center activities have a lower cost basis when performed at offshore business processing center and we are able to pass the savings to our clients. By utilizing advanced technology applications, we are also able to implement multiple checks-and-balances enabling higher quality output.

Our integrated platform also supports clients with advanced financial analytics to achieve portfolio optimization.  By being able identify and isolate variables from economic data or market benchmarks, our scenario modeling enables PropertyPERFORMAX clients to forecast outcomes of real estate decisions and quantify associated financial risks.

At PropertyPERFORMAX, we set out to be a different kind of company - not only in our service commitment to our clients, but the fact that we are also committed to our global team.  We passionately share goals and celebrate successes together as a way of life. PropertyPERFORMAX is also dedicated to the community-at-large in as a significant portion of our after-tax earnings are utilized to support charitable causes.